About Us

Julio G. Macedo has over 30 years of experience in high level executive positions and held numerous Board of Director seats. Along with Metro Energy Partners, which he formed to be the Capital Partner for “green” energy companies, he has served on the Board of Directors for energy companies. In addition, he is the Managing Partner of Macedo Partners, a private real estate investment entity for land and commercial real estate properties. He is presently on the Board of Directors at Western Developments and Cantamar Housing. He is the past President of both of these organizations. Mr. Macedo has spearheaded numerous planned project developments ranging from the ground up. He has been involved in re-zoning of land parcels, applying for conditional use permits (CUP), hiring the necessary engineering and architectural consultants, and appearing at public hearings. Mr. Macedo has served several times in the capacity as President and a Board Member to various profit and non-profit organizations. Mr. Macedo also served in the US Army.
Steve Stapleton began his career in the energy sector in 1973 with Stone & Webster of Boston, the designer of the first nuclear plant in the U.S.A. Steve’s passion for energy shifted to solar, wind, and geothermal power, when he studied these technologies at Massasoit College in Massachusetts in the 80s. Steve combines this knowledge of renewables with an extensive background in real estate and resort development, which he sharpened when employed by such firms as Lawrence Welk Resorts and Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Here at Metro Energy, Steve fulfills the key role of Director of Investor Relations: Where his energy sector expertise coupled with his real estate and management background further ensures our ability to stay ahead of our competitors in the green energy / renewables market.